ynotxram86 (1:07:42 AM): don't you hate how dr holmes says "maysure" and not "measure"
ynotxram86 (1:07:50 AM): cause i do
newmanMU (1:08:32 AM): perhaps..... I've never noticed .... I'm normally too focused on not sucking.
ynotxram86 (1:08:56 AM): you'll notice it now
ynotxram86 (1:09:06 AM): he does it.. without fail... each time he says measure
newmanMU (1:10:34 AM): I will ....... and I'll look over at you and we'll make awkward eye contact ... and eternity will cease to exist, forever destroyed in the moment of our piercing stare. And then we'll laugh, boyish laughs, jovial and unwanting; ne'er to be reconciled with the harsh tones of our childhoods lost. ... or something like that
ynotxram86 (1:12:32 AM): ne'er hah?
ynotxram86 (1:12:34 AM): i see.

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