Academic: Breaking - After forty hours of intensity, sleep is welcome. I feel like a failure in every aspect of my academic life. Living up to my potential isn't even an option at this point. Even if I divided all of my time awake evenly among academia, leaving social and personal to asphyxiate, the best I could do is average. Factor in friends and time to develop personally: disaster.

Social: Breathing - A wonderful recital rejuvenated my passion for music and Phi Mu Alpha. Laughter and song: no better combination of sensory experiences exists.

Personal: Breaking/Breathing - Concerning my family, I'm not sure how much longer my mother can live in her current situation. We talked for a while, and she shared that I'm the only person left with whom she can talk and vent. I worry about and for her. Concerning the rest of my personal life, I'm not sure what to say but "roller coaster." (With no sarcasm) I love roller coasters.

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