from a high school assignment: write a poem. coincidentally, it was assigned on the day I decided to hate poetry:

The Story of Prince Zane
By: Daniel Thomas “Newman” Richards

There once lived a young prince,
his name was Sir Robert Zane.
He lived upon a very high hill,
in the kingdom of the same name.

It was named High Hill for a reason,
and a very good reason indeed.
Not only being the highest location,
it was a center of wealth and greed.

Young Zane wasn’t a happy prince,
as these stories often go.
He needed a wife and he needed one now,
but his father gave the answer of, “No.”

Poor Zane’s father King Flack,
was adamant there was to be no bride.
“Why would you need a woman?” he asked
“When you have all this money ‘longside!”

Bob Zane took a good look around him,
and gave a thought to his father’s words.

“You’re right father,” he said,
“Women just tie you down anyway…
and they cry a lot. Never mind what I
said, that was a dumb idea in the first place.
Thanks for reminding me how much better
money was than women! Geez! And to think,
I almost got married to some nagging wench.”

And they all lived happily ever after…

~The End~

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