Academic: Breaking/Breathing - Nearly done with the worst semester of my life. No one's fault but my own. No, not even yours (don't try it). Forcing myself to write the last page, paragraph, line, word, period...a task of inexorable determination. I shouldn't be allowed to pass.

Social: Always Breathing - Without friendship, the light by which I am guided to success, the snow would not shimmer, the ice not melt and my hands not warm in my shallow pockets. Only through your warmth do I dispel the cold; only through your embrace do I maintain health and strength.

Personal: Breathing - I was recently clocked doing 92.2 in a 55 (in a snow globe). (Standing still, that is.) As the responding officer approached me, reaching through the sparkling fluidity to place his hand authoritatively on my shoulder, he asked if I knew why he pulled me over. Confused, I responded in question. because i wasn't wearing a seat belt? With divine smirk, a toothpick placed firmly between his left canines and southern accent strong enough to render it a southern marcato, he replied. why no, son, just the opposite, in fact. (unclick) you're not enjoying the ride to it's fullest potential. speeding is ok in this neck of the woods, you see, but you better damn well appreciate it, every second of every mile of every state and country To which my passenger replied, "Don't worry about it, officer. It's going to be a long trip, and the tourist traps are more than adequate."

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