Dear omnipotent deity that rules the universe (or lack thereof in which case this intro would read, "To whom it may concern"),



Daniel Thomas Richards

P.S. - Don't get me wrong; I'm not questioning your judgment. You're omnipotent (you know that already). I'm not even upset about the events in my life. They happen. It doesn't matter if reason or random decided my fate. Either way I have to live with the events, manage them to the best of my ability and, hopefully, survive. So, my question isn't really why certain events occur in my life or why I meet some people and not others. I question why my reactions to outcomes are so immature. I can admit, as you see, that life is not for me to figure out. But aren't my emotions mine to know? Isn't emotion the only aspect of our lives that is truly personal? Just so you know (as if you don't already), not being in control of your emotions kinda sucks. You should fix that in the next version of humans. (Humans 1.02 - Now featuring emotion control and feet that make sense!) I'm asking nicely that you help me fix my reaction problems. Let my emotions be rational for once in my roller coaster existence. Please. I know you're not big on answering the requests of people that doubt your existence, but I figure since you're compassionate, I might catch you on one of your forgiving days.

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