Academic: Breaking - I'm beginning the "get behind in classes" phase of the semester. I need spring break; I need motivation during spring break; I need to find a way to motivate myself during spring break. It's essential at this point.

Social: Breaking - Trying to develop new friendships: failing. Trying to maintain old, important friendships: failing. Being a friend in general: C- (Amber, I'm going to worry about it. Because "who cares?" I do. Quite a bit.)

Personal: Breathing - Personal contentment is breathing in my book. But I'm back to the contentment versus ecstasy/depression debate. Except, I have nothing really for which to shoot. I'll have to settle for contentment. (BTW: T.M. is a grade A d.b. ... and I plad him.)



Preface: A man visits a transcendentalist's hot dog stand and orders one with everything (a joke in itself). He hands the vendor a $5 for a $2.50 hot dog. The vendor gives him no money back.

"Hey," the man snarls, "where's my change?"

The vendor replies, "My good sir, change comes from within."

Body: Inactivity is the antithesis of life. If no one changes, no one lives. A man with no revelations has no reason to wake up, no need for food and no connection to a functioning realm of existence.

Conclusion: I <3 change. Talk about it. It'll help.


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