After some thought, I decided to change this "mini-series" into something more interesting and unique. In very typical "me" fashion, I will change the series to A Faulknerian Analysis: Part X of 10. My previous words stand, and I edited the previous post to say "Part 1 of 1." That person gets their own special representation. Yeah for them. (Please note my use of plural pronouns in reference to a singular. It's the wave of the future. Hop on.) Continuing my tributes:

A Faulknerian Analysis: Part 1 of 10

Our conversations barely reach a level of absurdity saved for prepubescent adolescents discussing physics, your reluctance to share a clear sign that you don't trust me, but you, of everyone I've met, have taught me more about life, functioning, the importance of honesty and self-realization that I don't know how or if I could ever thank you, a part of me still afraid of knowing you--afraid of the implications of being your friend, afraid of the choices I have to make every time I see/talk to you--ever vigilant and careful in my thoughts and reactions, wanting to have a normal interaction, knowing it will never be possible--normal having such an interesting connotation on such a personal level--knowing that I can't have a successful friendship with everyone if I want to have even a basic friendship with anyone: you are a representation of everything I do not understand, and that's why I find you fascinating.

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