Lately, I've been drinking the confused coconut milk, if you know what I mean. You probably don't. Ask him. Anyway, my confusion isn't even about you! Isn't that exciting? (Ok, probably not to you or you, but it excites me.)


Academic: Breaking/Breathing - I'm finally caught up in a lot of classes. But alas. Just as I catch up: writing theory shoots me in the face, at point blank range, with a magnum of the 357 variety. JMS proposal? What's that?

Social: Breaking(?) - Established friendships are getting back on track, and new ones are finally beginning to develop, but I'm also burning a lot of bridges as of late. My problem is I often find myself standing on them as I pour the gasoline and light the match. Most of the "burnings" are healthy for me even though its hard to see right now. The rest are essential. Please see.

Personal: Breathing? - Analysis of difficult situations, even when they're depressing or, admittedly, hurtful, gives me a better understanding of the greater entity in which I live. In one day, I was threatened, complimented, been told I can "suck" someone's ... (use your imagination), smiled at, loved, detested, revered, told I was a genius, laughed at, laughed with, an accomplice to a smile, an accomplice to character assassination and propositioned by a man (jokingly, of course). How does one judge that day? Additionally, I'm confused. Read above.

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