Recent reports are wrong; I'm not dead. Despite a valiant effort from those who wish otherwise, I am neither currently nor have I ever been deceased. My extended vacation was due, in large part, to my inability--perhaps "lack of motivation" works better--to finish a research paper. (Regardless, the professor deemed my procrastinated work worthy of a 95 percent.) Be warned, avid readers; I am once again ready to present you with my nonsensical run-on paragraphs, vague stream-of-consciousness reflections and general office-chair-philosophy.


A Faulknerian Analysis: Part 3 of 10

A case study in sensitivity, you are unassuming and unabashed, conflicting, but not contradictory, traits that make seem rather timid--yet few note your sincerity dangling playfully from your sleeve--or, perhaps, afraid, but you are neither fearful nor brave since both require something you have yet to learn (not that you're unwilling or unable) or even understand: both require the same motivation, the same willingness to suspend belief in a reality based on the rational and the same intrapersonal response.

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