A Faulknerian Analysis: Part 4 of 10

Having met you, learned your faults, experienced your multitude of talents and positive attributes, shared every detail of being--at length--whether hurtful or humorous, I can say with assuredness when I die--to the man guarding the entrance to eternity--when asked, "Have you any regrets?" that I, Daniel Thomas Richards (esquire), have but one: that in the limited time God, bog and the rest gave us in such a frail existence--seemingly filled with sorrow, suffering and few rare glimpses of hope--that I did not know you long enough; that I did not take advantage of every moment of our time together; that I did not tell you sooner what you deserved to hear and what I needed to say; that if given the chance to find myself bundled in winter garb on a frigid winter night staring intently at our work of art in the pristine snow, I would be honest, open and generally more sensitive with my words at that moment and every moment hence.

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