How do we manage to live, humans, in an environment seemingly designed to hinder our survival? Dependence seems plausible, needing someone else with which to share the experience a reasonable demand. When does individualism trump said dependence, if ever? If merely finding love is the meaning of life, it seems as if everyone attains their goal.

I want to be profound someday. Need.


ARMtell: I haven't had to resort to blackmail for dates very often
ARMtell: I've been single since March...I'm not horrifyingly desperate. Not yet.
newmanMU: Interesting. Is there a point when one is horrifyingly (I prefer to use "horrorshow") desperate?
newmanMU: ...I just met a guy who got married for the first time at 75.
newmanMU: Was he desperate all that time?
ARMtell: that's cool
ARMtell: I don't think a point comes when one is required to be desperate...certainly not out of sheer time spent single
ARMtell: so no, he probably wasn't
ARMtell: but I know people who are desperate two minutes after they leave someone
newmanMU: what makes one desperate?
ARMtell: willing to date anyone, regardless of attraction to them
newmanMU: (defined as: showing extreme urgency or intensity especially because of great need or desire) But how/why become that way?
ARMtell: damnit, philosophy man
ARMtell: I don't think people get desperate on purpose, it just happens
newmanMU: Why does it happen?
ARMtell: I've never thought "hmm...she's disgusting white trash, but I'm desperate, so what the hey?"
ARMtell: societal pressure to mate
newmanMU: oh.....see, now we're getting to an answer.
ARMtell: couple off
ARMtell: conform
newmanMU: so the "higher level" more intellectual and "evolved" among us, theoretically, shouldn't succumb to such a fate?
ARMtell: a general feeling of inadequacy when alone
ARMtell: I would say that is correct
newmanMU: now....how about practically (as opposed to theoretically)?
ARMtell: the majority of people feel the need to conform, or at least feel pressure from whatever source(s)...only the few, the proud remain single and don't give a shit
newmanMU: so, what you're saying is that marines stay single...
ARMtell: exactly
newmanMU: I get it.
ARMtell: finally

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