1.) Give me a short "creative" origin for your name.

Originates from the ancient, bloody-thirsty Pirate King: Danekjoeld, whose many adventures on the high seas earned him the reputation of a baby-eating, ninja-killing, treasure hunter (but only two of which were true).

2.) What is your nickname? (One that's not obvious)

Bill Nye the "purveyor of all things having to deal with, whether tangentially or moreso, the human construction known to the less intellectual among us as science." (Newman for short)

3.) If you could give Dr. Holmes a nickname, what would it be? (FAMILY SHOW)

Captain Persnickety

4.) If you had a weiner dog, what would you name it?

Emperor Log Dog II

5.) In 3-4 sentences describe what the significance and meaning to your name are. (Describe in the way that YOU think it SHOULD be...be creatively humorous)

My first name signifies absolute majesty, a ray of light, a beacon, if you will, in a world otherwise void of creativity and a general sense of morality. Sheer beauty. My last name means liar.

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