on feelings

It's a sad way to live, not being honest to anyone, yourself included. Some people claim not to have a choice. They do. Choice is all they have. It's so damn ridiculous that people won't allow themselves happiness; they've been conditioned to despise it, to think they are not worthy, to bask in the glory of self denial--of sacrifice, not of interpersonal associations and actions but of their honesty, integrity and self. And for what? Because it is a sin to want? Because it is immoral to seek anything for one's self? Because one is not worthy of happiness? The only people truly not worthy of happiness are the people that believe they are truly not worthy of happiness. Personal desires are an end. One's mind is the means to that end. For god's sake, be happy. (That's a command.) Be happy. Be happy. Deserve it.


If it is a sin to place personal satisfaction above societal needs, religious dogma and self denial, then I hope to burn for eternity in the deepest pit of hell and personally greet the Prince of "Darkness" with a firm handshake and pat on the back.


GeorgeDubya said...

Awww, but Daniel, I want to be miserable. . .

Also, as a firm believer in Cognitive Psychology, I have to say one thing. . . "Fuck Feelings".

Amber said...

Yeah! What if telling yourself the truth is the one thing that would make you unhappy?