A Faulknerian Analysis: Part 7 of 10

Only upon reflection, some 12 hours from our home, can I begin to understand the amazing gift given to me by God, bog, luck and the rest, the incredible life I had as a child, the absurdly unrealistic standards you overcame to show me that love, no matter how much they scream, is incredibly selfish: Unlike society you allowed me to fail and by doing so allowed me to succeed; unlike society you never just let me win and by doing so forced me to try harder the next time; unlike society you weren't afraid to point out my faults and by doing so helped me overcome them; because unlike society you were a guardian, not a safety net, a loving participant in my development, not a nanny, a mother instead of a master, a mother instead of a friend.

love always


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Brenda said...

The world needs more PARENTS and fewer friends. I'm sure your mom is thrilled that you acknowledge the difference. Parenting is much harder in the short term but so much more rewarding in the long term. Tell your mom I say HI.