Do you know the joy of not having to talk in abstractions? Of being able to discuss a philosophy of living instead of a "theory" of "life?" Of hearing people make objective statements about objective material and not having them scoffed at? Of discussing literature not in terms of its critique on Western culture? Of analyzing characters by their actions--their virtues and their flaws--and not by their secret ambition to sleep with their mother or their Marxist influences? Of meeting people--teachers, even--who, like yourself, refuse to accept the world as they're told it is but, instead, accept the world as it is?

I do. As of 4:33 p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2008.

It's not too often that people can recognize milestones in their intellectual development. This date and time may be one of mine. That's why I'm recording it so officially. Granted, it seems a little silly to me. I'm not a big fan of internet "diaries." And I don't want this space--which I've used more as an open invitation to all of existence to analyze my thoughts and actions--to become a daily report of my life. I try to keep it more about analysis than reportage.

Nonetheless, there it is. A report of my life. But, I hope, more so a report on my development as a human being--so that I may look back at this post and remember, fondly, the moment I truly stopped being ashamed of what I believe.

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Brenda said...

Isn't it a joy to know that what you know is worthwhile? I'm glad to see you are continuing to step into your own place on this planet. That you are continuing to grow into that spot is so much fun to watch. Opps, there I go being a teacher again. :)

Here's what I love about your posts: They show just a small corner of the whole picture. I look at it and know it's something fabulous. Then I get to try and figure out exactly what the rest of the picture might be. It sets me to thinking about Dan and who he is. It sets me thinking about myself and how I'm continuing to grow into my place on the planet too. How am I going about it? Am I throwing a tantrum on the floor or running the race full speed ahead. Thanks again Dan for the challenge. Bet you didn't even know you set out the challenge to begin with!