This video actually makes me ill. I'll probably write more later when I've had time to cope with the horror.


Looseyfur said...

I want to smack that kid at the end. I think he's the web site guy... sigh.

But, um, I'd go to the Zappos happy hour. :-)

Kyle said...

are you kidding me with this?

who exactly are they talking about? because i'd love to be those people.

do you find it ironic that they say we are these young people telling all the old people to piss off, but they are themselves the old people telling us to piss off?

we're going to blame mr. rogers for this? this is why we need philosophy. this whole story is a giant ageism myth, the same way we Other old people as piss-poor drivers (which i still say they are).

at least all these people will be dead soon.