broken570: ufos, aliens, all that crap. what do you think? do aliens exist? have they been studying us or flying around? what do we make of all the ufo sightings and such?

I suppose it's a matter of credibility for me. It seems very possible to me that our universe contains intelligent life. (A near infinite amount of stars and planets, etc.) But it does not seem plausible to me that they would visit us on such secretive/quasi-freakin'-weird missions. So far, I haven't seen any--what I consider to be--credible evidence suggesting that aliens have visited us. But once an idea like that is planted in someone's head, there is a tendency to see every unexplained occurrence as a possible "UFO." I just want some credible evidence. I'm not inclined to believe in anything--God, aliens, "scrinnies," etc.--without some reasonable evidence.

broken570: certainly. how much research have you done on the subject though?

newmanMU: Granted, not a ton. I've watched some fun shows on the History Channel. And I'm certainly open to being persuaded--as I have already stated that I think it's possible.

broken570: sure, it just seems like recently i have seen a lot of freaky shit on the news and have watched some admittedly not credible videos on youtube
some history channel videos
and a lot of the stories collaborate surprisingly well

broken570: there was even a story in a newspaper from 1897 about the same kind of craft
seen in 2008

newmanMU: But think of how well the "lore" is ingrained in our psyche. Little gray men with big black eyes in a ship that can travel in an out of eye site without seconds. To me, it's like applying a Freudian analysis to a book. Sure, in RARE cases it could be valid, but often it's not...and when you turn down that road, it's nearly impossible to see it as anything else.

broken570: crashing...and a charred pilot that didn't seem human

broken570: sure, i'm aware of that, but i also realize that the folklore originates somewhere

newmanMU: Indeed. (That's another thing, by the way, that has always confused me. These super intelligent beings travel from God-know's-where to "podunk" Earth with this amazing technology then crash? That doesn't make a lot of sense.)

broken570: haha. it hit a windmill. it was flying too low, i guess?

newmanMU: Super space flight technology. Came in too low.

broken570: hahaha...hey, maybe they're ditzy

newmanMU: No instrument for that?

broken570: nope. they don't have windmills in space

newmanMU: Someone said to me: "Maybe they're sending their teenagers here to learn how to drive."

newmanMU: (But they must have....tall things.)

broken570: maybe not. haha

newmanMU: (They must understand the concept of don't hit shit with the car.)

broken570: maybe they are so cocky they think that can ram into our weak shit with their ships and send it flying, but then our sturdy windmills surprise them

newmanMU: Super awesome space travel technology. metals that can withstand speeds that we can't even comprehend. Stopped by a hippie windmill?

broken570: a hippie windmill FROM TEXAS

newmanMU: Who the hell are these people that they're thwarted by windmills? A race of Don Quixotes!?

broken570: so i realize there are many issues with just accepting the alien theory, but i'm curious what you think the explanations are

broken570: hahaha. i bet that was written as an allegory for aliens

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Zane said...

Perhaps their ships aren't made to handle the toxic gas of oxygen and it corrodes their ship, leaks in, and kills the alien, causing them to crash. It could happen. McWorld!