Sitting there, alone yet utterly accompanied, I wondered to myself if everyone ends up this way--ends up fractured, glued, crumbled, reformed--and how if they did, it isn't so bad--the process, that is. It's the difference between a painting and a mosaic. Or perhaps between a mosaic and a collage. Or perhaps between a collage and a montage.

Sitting there, eyeing her and him and her and him and her and him and her (and her eyeing him and him eyeing her), it never occurred to me that they were doing the same and that I was watching their doing the same just as they were watching my doing the same. And that's the theory of relativity he said--and that's the theory of co/rrelation I said.

Try to transgress it and you'll find yourself trying to transgress a paradigm of paradigms--an infinite regression. Try not to fight it--try to accept the situation--and there will be no need to transgress. How can you transgress what will cease to be?

"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed, " Francis Bacon said--the primacy of existence. The primacy of reality. The primacy of reason.

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