I once told a struggling high school student that ease of moral choice is inversely correlative with the likelihood that it will be wrong. That is, the easier a choice is to make, the more likely it will be the wrong choice. Oddly, this has very little to do with moral choices as units. It has more to with increased time and, in that time, an increase in the chance that you will thoroughly evaluate a given choice.

Perhaps this tidbit accounts for my not-so-recent change in character from an emotionally-driven child to a rationally-driven adult. I have the seemingly inconsequential ability to allow or disallow persuasive rhetoric to consciously influence my actions.

i.e. I seldom get mad at people that anger me. Instead, I choose to not let their words "offend" me.

Conversely, I wanted the news to move me this evening as I watched the reaction to Palin's speech. I wanted to be angry. I wanted to be invigorated by ignorant commentary and asinine opinions.

I often wonder what my limits are.