It's liberating, really, to do something you want to do and are afraid to do simultaneously. You decide to do it and the fact that it happened is more important--for the time being--than the actual action itself--the importance of which will come as the action acts. Even if the action turns out to be wrong or false, it doesn't negate the importance and impact of your doing it. And if it's right...


...hot damn.


Post 150. And there was much rejoicing.



broken570 said...

do actions act? do actions have truth value?

it seems you and you alone act. you are the actor. and for the action to be wrong i'm assuming it would have to involve some kind of ought. so is the question whether you ought to have acted? or is that beside the point?

are you just simply saying that it is virtuous to do something you want to do but that you are afraid to do? and that regardless of the consequences of that action, whether they actualize as you desired or not, the very fact that you had the balls to act in the first place is what is important?

because if so, i would agree. and i would also say, "well done."


Zane said...

My take on this was Kyle's third paragraph. And, yes, way to go. Would you like to borrow my boots?