You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him realize that the water is actually a metaphor for free will and that the horse, itself, isn't actually a horse but a symbol for man.

You can never lead a man on, but you can't stop him from leading himself on.

You can show no interest in a man, but you can't stop him from imagining interest.

You can lead a horse to a certain conclusion, but you can't make him accept that conclusion--no matter how self-evident.

You can lead, but you can't make.

You can, but you can't.

You, but you.

You, you

You can lead a lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink his own reflection.

(Why do you continue to lead this horse, anyway?)

(Oh, that's right, you're not. I already forgot.)


This is not poetry.


broken570 said...

i think it's best to put the horse down...put it out of its misery.

but make sure it's done in the middle of a vast desert, so that after the horse is dead, the rider who had to take it out there is left with no way to get home, and the rider will eventually die for want of water or food. that way, right before the rider dies, (s)he'll be thinking, "i wish i hadn't led that horse out here to BFE and then shot him in the daggum head so that i could not die a horrible wasting death. i never realize what i have until it's gone."

i think the story would be even better if then we find out the horse actually didn't die, but was just wounded, so he gets up and walks past the rider's decomposing corpse on the way out of the desert, heading for green pastures (and maybe some kind of medical facility) with tons of other beautiful horses.

metaphors are great because they always fall apart when you push them too hard. but the best part is that you probably followed everything i was saying anyway.

will i see you at christmastime?

Daniel T. Richards said...

Everything is a metaphor.

Even that.

Yes, I'll be in IL from Dec. 6 to Dec. 30.



broken570 said...

well...obviously i'm not in decatur. nor in illinois. i won't be back for another...8 days. but there will be some overlap. i won't have a car, but i need to see you and jim and jessica and a few more people in champaign, so i'll certainly try to get down there at some point. or anyone is welcome to come up and see me as well.

this is hell week. i hate all things that exist, and will do my best to crush them all by spreading my misery like a disease.

merry christmas!