"Here. This is what you've been desperately searching for. The stamp that validates your existential passport--the answer to 'why?' and 'what for?' and the only response to your teacher's insistence that 'you will feel inept and incompetent like a fraud among geniuses.' Frankly, though, its because you were a fraud. You were here illegally, an alien in your own reality--the land so foreign you assumed the customs of your peers for lack of any better idea. How could you know? It's not as if people had this stuff figured out thousands of years before you were born."

"What? Take it. I'm giving it to you. Oh, I see. I knew you'd be like this. They all are. What you need lies right before you, yet its closeness is what makes you hesitate. 'It's out there,' they told you, pointing to the stars. 'It's in here,' they assured you, pointing to a primitive tome. 'It's all within,' they espoused, asking you to close your eyes and wish the world away. Mystics and brutes told you that what you were looking for either existed outside your ability to know or didn't exist at all."

"And again I say, 'Here.' I'm showing you that it does exist and that you can know it, that you can discover with certainty the meaning of life, the answer to the ultimate question, the 'what does it all mean?,' the roadmap to happiness. And, yet, you're reluctant."

"There's a certain irony, I suppose, that the fact that you need an impossible standard of proof almost guarantees your rejection of the very stamp you seek. Not always, mind you. There are those few cases where a person's corruption isn't 100% complete, their consciousness clinging to life. 'Better late than dead,' my grandmother used to say. Nonetheless, years wasted in pursuit of the philosophical version of the Easter bunny."

"But you...oh, you: a mind born to accept this discovery, a mind actively searching for a truth it should have found at the outset, a mind of more potential than any other I've yet to encounter. You will reject it the quickest and with the greatest fervor. You will not only cast your eyes away from it but also vow to burn it to the ground--because, you will claim, no one should have to endure the burden of knowledge."

"Accepting this stamp means affirming your life. And you can't do that. 'Even if it existed, it wouldn't be mine to affirm,' you argue, echoing dead philosophers whose entire lives were spent ensuring the meaninglessness of being. That same teacher, the one who said that doubt is inescapable, told me that philosophers were the physicians of the soul and that philosophy was the study of how we should live. If that is true, then the collective voice of modern and contemporary thinkers has screamed, with an unrivaled passion, 'Don't.' These witch doctors have shrunk your head, yet you look in the mirror and admire the improvement."

"It doesn't have to be so. I beg you because I selfishly care about your well being, 'Here. This is what you've been desperately searching for.' Take it and remake the world--rediscover Atlantis."

"Why are you staring? I'll wait. Can you?"