I'm betraying an absolute--I thought--when first our eyes made acquaintance in that gawky flash--you having caught me in what "life" assured me was a moment of weakness since it required my "self" and some actual "esteem" but what I hoped would be more like a mercurial dream sequence from [generic 80s teen movie] (but without the sidetails and turtlenecks)--so I quickly retreated, hoping it wasn't true--the betrayal, that is--damm/ning the feeling, and resolving, like "i" was "taught," to keep check on that capricious emotion you must have accidentally aroused; yet it was the identification of such and the coming to terms with such and the desire to live in such that has had such a profound influence on my understanding as such--that your questioning mind, uncompromising spirit, resplendent attractiveness--and, moreso, your Objective values--made my heart declare not a betrayal but the sound of an inexorable revolution, not a betrayal but the lyrics from [generic 80s love song], not a betrayal but a realization that the "betrayed" and the impetus-of-revolution, though necessarily separate, are not as such.

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