A mind whose honesty outpaces its curiosity--even with the latter intent in catching its apocryphal rival--draws tragic conclusions from ersatz information. Induction serves you well--better than most--yet you're still a social metaphysician, constructing your reality, in part, from the lips of others. No more than you would permit poison into your diet should you allow whim into your reasoning.

It's the "I-issue," the great alter of self-esteem. Unlike its liturgical counterparts, this alter allows no sacrifices--neither yourself to others nor others to yourself. Others, in no context, are its purpose. "I" exalts man by focusing his attention to the proper subject--the only being worthy of worship. "I" defends against evil by allowing it no sanction and no alms. "I" produces value as the master architect of life's necessities and pleasures.

For the inviolable and uncompromisable. For moments of spiritual transcendence--properly understood.  For values.

Determine and defend them as if they're the only things that matter--because they are.

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Jayemel said...

Your first paragraph reminds me of Dominique Francon. She isn't curious about the world which only reinforces/deepens her negative outlook.