Confronted with the notion that sincere honesty may be, in fact, too honest, my fall back position is one of default. There's nothing there beyond the complete truth. I've practiced full disclosure for so long that to do otherwise seems disingenuous. (I know it's not.)

Here it is again, that concept of gaming that I evaded for so long that I forgot it was something that deserved consideration.

"We never had to take any of it seriously, did we?"

Unfortunately, yes. But not too seriously.


Leaving this increasingly Lilliputian world, past the sparrows and malcontent pigeons, their ambition no greater than the immediate and no more inspiring; past flailing kites and the haiku-worty breezes that propel them; past ragged stone peaks and sharpened steel spires, the pinnacle of nature and the as-yet-best of man; past the escaped stuffing of the Earth, as it blots the ground with shifting splotches of shade and fills the sky with Stay Puff splendor; past it all and into a possibility space, where men used to only dream of looking and now do so with Diet Coke in hand; I can't help but wonder: What next?