Resolutions 2014

For posterity and the like.

1. Get back to "the walk."

I love walking. Cities have so much to discover with no better way to do so than by walking the streets methodically and systematically. My walking declined in Los Angeles, a city made more for helicopters than feet, but Austin has many neighborhoods calling my Nikes. Ultimate goal: Fit by 30 and avoidance of digital screens.

2. Eat delicious food.

You wore me down, friends. That and I've run out of legitimate criticism. (Because science.) I'm eating low carb this year. I tried it for 30 days in 2013 with mixed results, but 2014 will be the year of grainless meals. I worry about meal planning for the first few months and about missing beer and about missing candy and about missing Faiza's cooking. Ultimate goal: Fit by 30.

3. Write the stuff in my head.

"The Better Rhetor" is progressing nicely, but it needs more attention. It shouldn't be difficult to produce 1,000 words a month on the topic of rhetoric. Ultimate goal: By 2015 have enough content to publish a short book.

4. Work more / work less.

Become the master of my own schedule. Figure out a way to fit more productive work into a single hour and find time to do everything else I want to do. Ultimate goal: Allocate productive time toward #3 & #5.

5. Talk.

I've often thought of myself as a "writer"--someone who communicates primarily through writing--if not a writer--a professional. But more and more I've become a comfortable "talker," if not a talker. FrackNation giving me the opportunity to handle radio and TV interviews forced me to recognize that I could be a genuinely good speaker and that I should put effort into the skill. Ultimate goal: Give a talk at OCON and start/host a podcast.